Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbell

Review: Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbells

Recently, I realized that very few people think about buying a pair of Olympic dumbbells for their home gym.

Instead, most will recommend buying a set of adjustable dumbbells with a quick-adjust mechanism, such as the popular Ironmaster quick-lock dumbbells or Powerblocks. Whilst there is nothing wrong with buying these kind of adjustable dumbbells, they are usually a lot more expensive than Olympic dumbbells and aren’t necessarily any better.

My only concern with Olympic dumbbells is that there are a lot of cheap versions out there that are not suitable for use with heavy weight plates. So, when I came across the Rogue DB-15 Loadable Dumbbells, I pretty much ran out of reasons why you shouldn’t buy a pair for your home gym!

In fact if you already have Olympic plates and collars, these dumbbells are fantastic value.


If you have decided on buying a pair of Olympic dumbbells, you shouldn’t settle for a poor quality set.

Rogue Olympic Dumbbells are US made, high quality and come with a lifetime warranty. What more could you want?

The D-15 Dumbbells are modeled on Rogue’s Ohio Bar and this is evident in their design. For example, the handles have a black zinc coating, which I think gives the dumbbells a really modern and masculine aesthetic. They will definitely make your home gym look even more badass.

The D-15 dumbbells also incorporate the manufacturing elements the full-size Ohio Bar and are machined from 190K PSI tensile strength steel.


$135.00 each (not including collars). This is a lot cheaper than Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells that are approx. $500 (excluding shipping) for the 75lb set.


  • Each dumbbell weighs 15lb with collars
  • 20.5″ long
  • 6.75″ sleeve length
  • Fully knurled handles with black zinc coating
  • 28.5mm diameter handles
  • 190K PSI tensile strength steel shaft

loadable dumbbells



Max Capacity of over 300lb

Rogue states that each dumbbell has a max capacity of about 350lb. That is huge and just shows how underrated Olympic dumbbells are. In reality you are only limited by how many plates you can stack onto each of the 6.75″ sleeves.

Other adjustable dumbbells sets require you to buy expensive add-on sets if you want to lift heavy. For example, a full 165 lb set of Ironmaster dumbbells (incorporating two separate add-on sets) costs a whopping $967 in total. You can reach 165lb with Olympic dumbbells for a fraction of this price by buying weight plates selectively.

Unlimited Weight Increments

One of the great things about Olympic dumbbells is that you can pretty much increase of decrease the weight in whatever increments you want – provided you have the right plates.

With other adjustable dumbbells, such as Powerblocks, you can only adjust the weight according to set increments. That means you don’t have the freedom to add slightly more weight in order to progressively overload.

In order to get the full benefit from Olympic dumbbells, be sure to invest in some fractional plates. With these you can add as little as 0.25lb to each side of your dumbbell.

Quick Adjustment Time

If you buy the right collars, it is incredibly quick and easy to change the weights on your Olympic dumbbells.

Rogue recommends the OSO collars. These are a good option if you are after collars that can be put on and taken off quickly. To secure them, it is just a case of pushing the lever, as shown below:

OSO collar mechanism

OSO collars are constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum and provide a tight grip, as shown in the following “barbell drop test”:

Alternatively, you might consider Rogue’s lock-jaw style collars.

Knurled Handles

Rogue’s DB-15 Dumbbells have fully knurled handles that provide enough grip without being abrasive. The pattern was developed over months of testing and fine-tuning. It can also be found on Rogue’s Ohio bar.

rogue knurled handle

Bushing Equipped Sleeves

Olympic dumbbells often come with  bearing / bushing equipped rotating ends. This means that the sleeves turn independently from the handle. As a result, it is easier to lift dumbbells to your shoulders or overhead.

The reason for this is that as you perform most exercises with fixed dumbbells, you will expend energy in rotating the weight. This is not the case when lifting Olympic dumbbells as a bar with ball bearings or bushings allows the weight to move and the bar to remain still.

The Rogue DB-15 Dumbbells have bronze bushings. These allow the sleeves to turn effortlessly, making it easier to perform Olympic movements.

Lifetime warranty

Rogue offers a lifetime warranty for its dumbbells. That should give you confidence that they will truly last you a lifetime.

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