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One of the most common questions asked by someone considering a home gym is: “How can I buy everything I need for the least amount of money?” This is a frustrating query to answer. First, everyone’s needs will differ depending on their fitness goals.

It’s unlikely that you’ll ever find a gym that lacks a weight bench. It is a vital piece of equipment and should be included in any home gym set up regardless of whether you opt for a power rack or not. Finding the right bench for you will depend on how much space you have (this will determine the “footprint”) and what exercises you intend to perform (this will influence whether you require an adjustable bench and any extras.

You may have a loved one who lives and breathes fitness and want to get them something related to the hobby that they are passionate about. Unfortunately, unless you happen to share similar interests, you may have absolutely no idea where to start.

Don’t worry. Whether you are looking for a family member, a colleague, or even yourself, this gift guide will help you to find the right fitness present.

Olympic collars are clamps that are placed on the ends of an Olympic bar to secure weight plates to prevent them from sliding off. Often collars are an afterthought for those kitting out a home gym. Instead, lifters tend to invest a lot of money in expensive bumper plates and quality steel bars. However, you should remember that a good pair of collars can add huge value by limiting damage to your bumper plates and your barbells.

When it comes to home gyms, a power rack is the most versatile piece of equipment there is. The fact that it will enable you to perform such a vast range of lifts (the number of which can be increased by purchasing add-ons) makes it an indispensable piece of equipment. For this reason it should be the centrepiece of your gym.

Power racks aren’t cheap and quality can vary massively between different models. Therefore, you will need to put a lot of thought into which power rack you buy. Luckily, we have done most of the leg work for you and in this guide we explain what you should be looking for and why it matters.

A good set of dumbbells should be the foundation of any home gym. Dumbbells are extremely versatile and can be used for a huge range of exercises that work both your upper and lower body. However, not all dumbbells are the same and it can be difficult to find a set that meets your needs (without breaking the bank).

Our guide to buying dumbbells sheds some light on the main types of dumbbell available.