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In this guide we look at a range of different fixed dumbbells to help you find a set that is perfect for you. Our list is organised in descending price order, so you can limit your search to dumbbells within your budget.

Recently, I realized that very few people think about buying a pair of Olympic dumbbells for their home gym. Instead, most will recommend buying a set of adjustable dumbbells with a quick-adjust mechanism, such as the popular Ironmaster quick-lock dumbbells or Powerblocks. Whilst there is nothing wrong with buying these kind of adjustable dumbbells, they are usually a lot more expensive than Olympic dumbbells and aren’t necessarily any better.

When it comes to adjustable dumbbells, Ironmaster quick-lock dumbbells are often recommended over competitors such as Bowflex and Powerblock. But why is this? In this review, we will explain why Ironmaster dumbbells are such a popular choice for home gyms.

A good set of dumbbells should be the foundation of any home gym. Dumbbells are extremely versatile and can be used for a huge range of exercises that work both your upper and lower body. However, not all dumbbells are the same and it can be difficult to find a set that meets your needs (without breaking the bank).

Our guide to buying dumbbells sheds some light on the main types of dumbbell available.

Thick bar grips are cylindrical pieces of silicone (or similar material) that fit around barbell and dumbbell bars and other fitness equipment to increase the thickness of the area gripped. This essentially turns a regular barbell or dumbbell into a thick one.

Using a thick bar grip will stimulate greater muscle activation in certain body parts. In particular, greater muscle activation is likely to occur in the hands and forearms, as well as in the upper arms and possibly even the whole upper body.

As a result, thick grips can help to develop bigger, stronger forearms and increase your grip strength.