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101 Affordable Gifts for Gym and Fitness Fanatics


89. Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

grip master

The Gripmaster hand exerciser is a great gadget for strengthening hand, wrist and forearm strength.

Its innovative design challenges each finger individually. Each of your digits will be fighting against 9 pounds of tension.

As a result of this spring-loaded piston technology, the hand exerciser is ideal for strengthening your weaker fingers. This should help to translate into better performance in sports and especially for skills such as hitting, throwing and fielding.

The Gripmaster is lightweight and portable so you can take it with you everywhere. You can work your grip strength on your commute, at the office and at home.

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90. Survival and Cross Jump Rope

survival and cross jump rope


A jump rope is the perfect stocking filler.

Although you might thinking that skipping is just for boxers, it is actually a fantastic way of getting in-shape for anyone. It is particularly good for cardiovascular and lymphatic health.

In fact, you can burn 125 calories in just 10 minutes of jumping rope!

Skipping hits almost every muscle in the body in some way. However, it mainly targets your calves, quadriceps, glutes, forearms, deltoids, and core.

The Survival and Cross jump rope is a great option. Its design allows you to adjust the length of the rope to suit your height. In addition, it is incredibly light-weight and has bearings to facilitate a smooth turning motion.

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91. Gym Chalk Ball

gym chalk stocking filler

If you know someone who enjoys lifting heavy weights, it is very likely that they would welcome some chalk in their stocking!

Chalk is used by athletes to better hold onto barbells and other gym equipment. Ultimately, the real benefit is that you will be able to perform more repetitions with heavy weights before your grip gives out. It is also very useful for injury prevention, as it helps to stop weights from slipping out of your hands.

We recommend a compressed chalk ball, like the one we have chosen for this list, as a sphere is usually less messy and very portable. 

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92. iPhone 7 Armband (from FRiEQ)

iphone 7 arm band for running

Want to take your phone on a run or to the gym but have nowhere to put it? Don’t worry, just get yourself a smartphone armband. This accessory makes it easy to answer calls or listen to music whilst getting your sweat on!

Many armbands are designed with cases that fit certain models of phones. The one we have chosen here is designed specifically for the iPhone 7 and so will not fit the iPhone 7 Plus or other models. Be sure to check that you are buying the right armband for your phone.

The FRiEQ armband is adjustable and so will securely wrap around different arm sizes. As the armbands comes with a detachable case, you don’t have to worry about getting sweat on your phone!

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93. “NO PAIN NO GAIN” Rubber Fitness Bracelets

no pain no gain gift bracelet

These rubber bracelets will provide constant motivation to get you through your workouts.

Sometimes it can be hard to keep up the routine of going to the gym consistently. Wearing a physical reminder of your personal goals can help you to push through mentally.

The “NO PAIN NO GAIN” bracelets shown are 8″ and made of durable, waterproof rubber.

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94. Fitness Logbook

fitness logbook gift

Keeping track of your progress at the gym is important for making sure that you are consistently challenging yourself. It also helps to motivate you to put in maximum effort and stick to a training plan.

A fitness logbook is perfect for anyone with fitness goals. You can record your workouts, as well as nutritional intake. As a result, it will become a consolidated record of,  and roadmap for, your fitness journey.

The Fitness Logbook comes with 60 strength workout templates of 6 sets in 8 exercises max. There is enough space  to record weights and reps, as well as any extra information that you might want to include, such as rest time. There are also 160 slots to track cardio activities. For each slot, you can record date, duration, distance, heartbeat, and calories burned etc.

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95. GlowHERO LED Slap Bracelet 

glowband gift bracelet led runner

Be seen with this slap bracelet from GlowHERO!

Unlike bracelets that are just fluorescent, the GlowHERO band contains an ultra-bright LED which means you will be highly visible to motorists. You can switch between a constantly glow and a blinking mode.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, the bracelets use a “special non-toxic, environmentally friendly, technology“, which GlowHERO claims makes them water, sweat, and smell resistant.

These bands are a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys running or cycling at night.

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96. Gym Lock

gym lock gift

You can never have enough locks, which is reason enough to include this in someone’s stocking. But, it will definitely come in handy if you know someone who is planning on joining a gym.

This 4 digit combination lock from CJSJ is made from zinc alloy and plated steel.

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97. Men’s Stringer


When you have put in the hard work, it can feel good showing off your gains.

A stringer is great for accentuating your “V” taper and highlighting your upper chest and arms. Seeing your physique at its best is great for motivation and may drive you to hit the weights even harder!

Wearing a stringer is also extremely comfortable, as it does not restrict movement at all.

This is a great gift for the gym enthusiast who has it all, as you can always do with another stringer!

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98. Bodyglide Original Anti-Chafe Balm

body anti chaffe balm for athletes

Exercise is hard enough without having to endure chafing, raw skin and irritation caused by rubbing.

Thankfully, Body anti chafe balm provides a barrier to the effects of rubbing, making your workout much more enjoyable. It is made from 100% natural ingredients.

All you need to do is apply the balm to the areas irritated (thighs, chest, arms, feet etc.) before physical activity.

This is a great stocking filler for runners, cyclists and athletes generally.

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99. Workout Motivational Poster 24×36

workout motivation poster stocking filler

Getting pumped for every workout with this motivational poster. After reading through the inspirational statements, you’ll be ready for whatever the world has to throw at you.

If fitness is a lifestyle, it makes sense that you should surround yourself with positive messages. This poster lets you do just that. You can hang it up in your bedroom or your home gym as a constant source of motivation.

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100. Strong Is Beautiful Necklace With Weight Lifting Barbell Dumbbell Pendant

dumbbell and stonrg is beautiful pendant gift idea

This silver plated pendant arrives already gift-packed making it a very convenient stocking filler.

Wear it for the motivating message or simply as casual accessory. Either way, it is a great way of taking a piece of the gym with you everywhere you go.

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101. Fitness Mug

fitness mug

When all else fails, you can always pick out a fitness themed mug for your loved one.

They might even use it for their protein shakes!

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I do not endorse any of the claims made by the manufacturers / sellers. You should thoroughly research any product before buying. Please do not rely on any statements made in this guide alone.

All of the prices recorded in the guide were accurate at the time of writing. However, as we near the holiday season, prices are likely to fluctuate, so be sure to check the actual price listed on Amazon.

This article contains Amazon affiliate links.

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