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101 Affordable Gifts for Gym and Fitness Fanatics

You may have a loved one who lives and breathes fitness and want to get them something related to the hobby that they are passionate about. Unfortunately, unless you happen to share similar interests, you may have absolutely no idea where to start.

Don’t worry. Whether you are looking for a family member, a colleague, or even yourself, this gift guide will help you to find the right fitness present.

First, you will at least need to know what kind of physical activity the person you are buying for enjoys. Different hobbies or fitness goals will involve different equipment and accessories.

For example, if you are looking to buy a gift for someone who loves running, you might think about getting them a piece of wearable tech. These devices let you monitor your heart rate and calories burnt during exercise. However, that kind of gift may be less useful for a bodybuilder who enjoys crushing weights and isn’t too bothered about tracking their cardio performance. Instead, why not think about getting them some lifting straps or a weighted vest?

We have organised this gift guide into sections to make it easier to browse. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift with ease!


Fitness TechWearable technology, trackers, mp3 players and headphones
Work Out At HomeEquipment for working out at home
Gym Accessories Accessories you can take to the gym with you to make your workout more challenging or more comfortable
CardioGifts to make your run, cycle or swim more enjoyable
NutritionShakers, blenders and protein rich food
Stocking FillersGifts that are around $10 or less


1. Garmin vívofit Fitness Band – Black

garmin fitness tracker gift

If your friend or loved one might be in need of some motivation to fulfil their health goals then Garmin’s budget-friendly vívofit Fitness Band is the gift for them.

Worn on the wrist, it measures your activity level throughout the day and alerts you if an hour goes past without some form of activity. Then, a two-minute walk will reset it.

It’s intelligent too, learning its wearer’s activity level over time and assigning personalised goals each morning, recording calories burned over the day.

It even tracks your sleep, making sure you get sufficient rest. And, with a battery that lasts over a year and a water-resistant strap, the vívofit is in for the long run.

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2. GoPro Hero


The thing of YouTube video legend, GoPro cameras have been behind everything from wingsuit flights to diving with sharks.

They’re also just at home up a mountain as they are capturing your own sporting endeavours, whether you’re looking to film your surf session, tennis game or simply a scenic bike ride.

It’s all captured in stunning high definition with 1080p video, 5 megapixel photos and a built-in microphone. And, while it’s a given that the GoPro comes in an ultra-druable case – that can withstand depths of up to 131 feet – it also won’t surprise that there are 60 different ways to mount it.

From headtop point of views to selfie panoramas, you’ll get that picture-perfect shot every time.

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3. Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

fitbit alta gift idea

Syncing with your computer or phone, this is the best in fitness tracking combined with the power of a smart watch.

While it keeps count of your steps and calorific output throughout the day, reminding you to keep active and coaching you to achieve your fitness goals, it also features alerts for calls, texts and calendar notifications. The Fitbit is the perfect mix for fitness geeks.

In the least creepy way possible, it also watches your sleep, tracking how long and how (un)disturbed your night’s rest has been. There’s even a silent alarm function, vibrating to wake you up peacefully.

The Fitbit is also a great family gift, with the option of competing with your friends and relatives in step-count leaderboards.

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4. Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale

fitbit smart scale

The latest from industry-darling Fitbit, the Aria WiFi scale does much more than track weight.

Its clever algorithms take note of everything from body max index (BMI) to lean mass percentages, displaying stats and progress trends in digestible charts and graphs. It all feeds into personalised goals, coaching you towards improvement.

And, with data sent straight to your phone or computer, it’s ideal for those looking to get that extra bit of information or those simply wanting to stay on track.

The scale also recognises and tracks up to eight users, keeping those all-important results private while becoming the ideal family gift.

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5. MOOV NOW – 3D Fitness Tracker & Real Time Audio Coach

moov now

The fantastically named MOOV NOW separates itself from its fitness-tracking competitors with its real-time audio coaching.

Actively monitoring your workout, it offers both tracking data and feedback, without you having to take your eye off the ball. And, featuring advice on running, cycling, cardio-boxing, body weight workouts and even swimming, it boasts the widest range of sport compatibility.

The secret? The MOOV NOW hosts three times the amount of sensors used in the average fitness tracker, allowing it to build up a picture of your workout and tendencies in three dimensions.

That means everything from guiding you through a boxing session to checking the impact your knees are sustaining from running on a certain surface. Neat.

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6. Casio Men’s W800H-1AV Classic Sport Watch with Black Band

casio sports watch gift guide

Featuring a 10-year battery life, water resistance to 100m and a famous Japanese build quality, the Casio Sport Watch has long been a favourite among fitness enthusiasts.

It’s these near-indestructible qualities, coupled with a comfortable, easy-wearing strap, that make it the go-to standard watch for nearly every sporting pursuit; I’ve taken mine everywhere from Malaysian jungles to Namibian deserts.

It measures up in terms of functionality as well, with a lap stopwatch accurate to a hundredth of a second and a light for those late-night runs. They’ve even become an unlikely retro fashion icon and, if that doesn’t persuade you, the price will.

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7. Sandisk Clip Sport MP3 Player


While many are switching to phones for their music needs, storage and battery premiums along with bigger screens and tighter leggings have meant that the humble MP3 player is enjoying something of a revival.

Featuring an easy-lock clip, this super lightweight offering from tech heavyweight Sandisk is an obvious choice for fitness addicts.

Large buttons and a clear screen make changing songs on the go a breeze while tangle-free headphones ease the usual pre-workout regime. They also come with an FM tuner compatible with fitness club TVs and, for the thinking runner, audiobook playback.

Lastly, if the generous 8 GB of space isn’t enough, there’s a card slot to accommodate even the most eclectic of music libraries.

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8. Sony Wireless Sport Headphones

sony wireless sports headphones

Part part music player, part fitness tracker and part personal trainer, Sony’s sporty wireless headphones are a true one-stop gift solution.

Load them with up to 3,900 of your favourite tracks, plan your workout using the accompanying app and let its voice guidance coach you on the fly while it tracks your progress.

The headphones’ six sensors – heart rate, accelerometer, GPS, compass, gyroscope and barometer – will then give you feedback on your workout both during and after your session, keeping you in line with your objectives.

Using this information, it will select music that matches the tempo of your training, pushing you to reach your final target or taking you through your cool down.

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9. Bellabeat Leaf Nature Health Tracker/Smart Jewelry

bella beat leaf

The stylist’s answer to fitness tracking, the Bellabeat is more smart jewellery than brash sportswear.

Worn as a chic bracelet, clip or necklace, it’s ideal for that fashion-conscious fitness nerd in your life. It’s more holistic too; aside from the usual measures of calorific output and sleep quality, it also helps manage and relieve stress through in-built breathing exercises.

Swapping gaudy colours for natural materials, it’s also aimed at the fairer sex. Not least because it also tracks your period, predicting the various stages of your menstrual cycle. It’s all managed in an easy-to-use app that provides you with breakdowns and tailor-made goals on everything from daily exercise to meditation.

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10. TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones

taotronics headphones

Tangled wires – the bane of workouts the world over.

However, given the latest leaps in technology, wireless headphones – once the preserve of scenic fiction – have finally become a reality. And, at a price of just over $30, it’s an affordable reality as well.

These Bluetooth options from TaoTronics are specifically designed for active use, with ergonomic ear hooks and a choice of earbud size keeping them, well, in your ears. CVC noise isolation technology also makes it easier to focus on your workout while an included microphone means no more stopping to answer a call mid-run.

They’re also incredibly easy to use, quickly pairing with all smartphones and Bluetooth-enabled music players.

Lastly, a battery that lasts for five hours of continuous playback is enough for even the most gruelling of sessions. Unless your 10km time is a bit off.

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11. Suaoki Wireless Bike Computer Bicycle Speedometer


This wireless bicycle speedometer from Suaoki will help you get the most out of your riding experience by taking out the guess work.

Simply attach this gadget to your handlebars and monitor how fast you are cycling on the digital display.

Not only does it display your speed, the device can also show your trip distance, total trip time, temperature, and more.

At under $20, this is a complete bargain.

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